African Music and Dance Wiki


We are going to highlight many readings from both the internet, and a few scholarly journals. There is not a vast amount of scholarly research featuring Kwaito, so we will focus on the history of South African Music as well. We will discuss previous and current genres that played a major role in the creation of Kwaito.

Some example readings[]

  • "Kwaitofabulous" by Thokozani Mhlambi
  • "Dog Eat Dog" by Nicholas Mhlongo
  • Various musical articles on, and

Midterm: Interviews[]

Throughout the course we want our students to conduct live interviews with individuals in the business. This will help with the final project. We believe that many people in the music industry in South Africa will be willing to help us out. Many Kwaito artists want to be international stars, so we believe that both parties will benefit from these interviews

Final Project[]

The final project will consist of creating a comprehensive wiki. We want the information to be about Kwaito and relative topics. We want our students to create the wiki by conducting interviews, and doing some research on the internet. We want this wiki to state the facts! We believe that by creating this wiki, the students will enjoy the learning process and create a space for people outside of the class to learn about Kwaito